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Evaluate Your Child's Physical Activity

  • Talk to your child’s physical education teacher and see how much PE they receive weekly. 

  • Find out how much recess your child receives daily.  Talk to your child about what they do at recess and see if they are moving during that allotted time.

  • Account for any other physical activity your child has that is within the routine of the school day including before and after-school programs.

  • Add up the physical activity minutes your child has daily from their school day. The very minimum should be 60 minutes daily, 300 minutes in a school week, 420 minutes weekly. 

  • Keep in mind that all physical activity is welcomed, the majority of the 60 minutes of physical activity should be at moderate to vigorous levels.

  • Interact with your child and learn what sports and/or activities they may be interested in and find a way to pursue those interests. 

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