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The Sweet Spot 

60 A Day 

The child is receiving 60 minutes of physical activity daily. The majority of that time is spent on activities at moderate to vigorous intensity levels. This greatly decreases the health risks connected with an inactive lifestyle. Being physically active has numerous benefits for the child in areas such as self-esteem, academics, confidence, health, and overall wellness.

Positive Sports Experience

Partakes in youth organized sports that focus around the wellbeing and development of the child.  In this setting, there is a focus on fundamentals, physical activity, positive behaviors from parents and coaches, matching children at levels of appropriate skill, and healthy goal setting. Overall this creates a positive sports experience that can continue to keep the child participating in sports while appropriately developing the child through physical activity. In a yearly basis, the child should play multiple sports, learn from different coaches, and should also have time off from sports.

The Child is Happy and Healthy

The child finds enjoyment through physical activity and does not see it as a task but as fun.  The child is not only physically healthy but socially and emotionally healthy too, giving them a more positive outlook on life.  A happy and healthy child may find it easier to make friends, have success with academics, and have good self-esteem.  

Reaps the Benefits of Physical Activity and Organized Sport

There are benefits of organized sport that are difficult to replicate by other means in a child's development. Sports offer benefits to the child such as being physically benefits such as being physically active, learning various motor skills, sport-specific skills and create positive habits with physical activity.  Cognitive benefits are that the child can learn how to handle failure and success, how to be a good teammate, and develop communication and social skills.  Sports are also connected to reducing stress and depression, improving academic achievement, and can give the child a sense of belonging and aid the child’s self-esteem and confidence.

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