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Parenting a Youth Athlete

  • There is so much out of the parent's control when you sign your child up for a sport.  You will have little to no control over coaches, officials, teammates, teammate's parents, and quality of the program or league.

  • Focus on what you do have control over. Focus on your behavior and your child.

  • Be a role model for them on the sidelines. Your behaviors will be noticed by your child.

  • Don't be a coach or official from the stands. Be a parent and support your child.

  • Don't define success or failure in winning or losing.  Success and failure should be based on effort, behavior, and individual performance.   

  • Our youth will face many difficulties and challenges in sports.  This is good. Support your child in navigating these challenges. 

Changing the game in youth sports:

John O'Sullivan at TEDxBend

Ted Talk
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